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Dabba Trading is a  stock market in which traders can bet on the direction of share prices indices without a trading account, demat account, or providing their KYC (know your customer) details.

Expertbulls are expert in dabba trading having experience of 15+ years. We have exceptionally good leverages and support in your service.

Lowest Charges

Expertbulls are the leading stock market dabba trading broker in India where you will get lowest brokerage charges on trading.

No hefty documentation

You won't be asked for hefty documentation. Here your experience is smooth and hassle free.

24x7 Support

We are available 24x7 if you stuck any point of time during taking trading or any transaction then contact expertbulls.

The best of expertbullsservices

We are committed to provide best services for trading, you will get best meta-5 trading software. in which you can make hassle free stock market dabba trading, you will get free trading account and instant pay in and payout services. 


You will get best software for trading which is easy to operate and get all update just one click.  

Minimum Margin

Now you can start stock market trading at only 1000 where we provide 500 time Leverage (limits) which is help to maximize you. profit.  

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